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JT-Blaze created his rap name by combining his first and middle initials (Jacob Troy) with what he loves to do most….BLAZE UP MARY JANE AND THE MIC!!! He also has developed a new hip hop genre which he refers to as STONER CONSCIOUS HIP HOP. This new genre best defines the theme behind JT-Blaze’s music which is to provide a mixture of weed smoking songs that also make you think about how the world really works.

JT-Blaze also considers himself one of the most versatile rappers in the underground hip hop scene due to his ability and interest to rap on any hip hop or rap beat mixed with other musical genres. Whether it’s Trap, EDM, Reggae, Rock, etc. you name the genre, and JT has a rap song out that matches that genres sound, or a song he will release soon.

JT-Blaze’s first official album “Out-Caste,” will be available worldwide on all platforms April 20th 2021 (4/20/2021).  He also is offering exclusive access to the album Feb. 12th 2021 (2/12/2021) only on his website.

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